Ceriotti MEC Ionic Bonnet Dryer

ION TECHNOLOGY - Ion generator, i.e. particles, with an electric charge whose purpose is to avoid frizz.
Your ally to get softer, hydrated and visibly shinier and healthier hair.

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MEC is equipped with 3 engines to choose from 1- 2 or 4 turbo ventilation speeds to make it suitable for any performance and to better adapt to the stylist's requests.

One of the aspects that contribute most to guaranteeing the health of the hair, improving the circulatory function and the oxygenation of the blood.
Top hydration thanks to the helmet-ionizer combination which, thanks to its emissions, breaks the water molecules, facilitating their absorption in the hair thus reducing drying times. The benefits of the helmet with moderate heat and low ventilation speeds create the perfect environment for the ions to work on the well-being of the hair and skin.

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