Ceriotti C3000 Electronic Color Processor

Have the most stylish salon around with this high quality, modern salon and stylist steamer straight from Italy.  C3000 is an innovative and appealing design, combining comfort and full coverage makes it highly functional and beautiful and would make a great addition to any salon.

The C3000 has an innovative and appealing design, combined with comfort and full coverage. It is equipped with a unique long life motor, 12 infrared lamps ensure full coverage allowing the accomplishment of any treatment in half the time and with extreme accuracy. The extreme gentleness on the scalp and with minimum discomfort for the client are key aspects for C3000. Performance and technical: Highlights – Bleaching – Dyeing – Support – Drying. C3000 Electronic is equipped with a timer, electronic control of the energy radiation, 4 switches to independently control the single dishes and 4 speed ventilation, allowing to work also without ventilation.



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