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Beauty Companies Turn To Artificial Intelligence

A salon supply store like Regal can help salons look their best so they can attract and keep customers in a competitive business environment. In an effort to grab customers in the skin care business, more and more beauty companies are turning to artificial intelligence to help them capture information about their customers that helps […]

Salon Business Not Yet Ready to Become On-Demand

We live in an age of on-demand services like ride-sharing services Uber and Lyft. But is the beauty industry moving to on-demand as well? Turns out patrons still prefer going to beautiful salons, like those with Ceriotti salon furniture from Italy, rather than using an app to summon a stylist to their home, the Los […]

Harry Potter Fans Embrace Butterbeer Hair Color

Modern salon furniture is not something that’s discussed in the Harry Potter books, as their focus on fashion skews more towards wearing robes and house colors. But unless they’re Muggles, everyone in the realm of the Harry Potter books knows about and enjoys the beverage butterbeer. But you don’t have to be part of the […]

North Korea’s Only Luxury Ski Resort Includes a Beauty Salon

Luxury for your salon is readily available if you shop at a salon supply store like Regal Hair Color, a major importer of top-of-the-line Ceriotti salon furniture. But luxury is a rarity in North Korea, where most people live in stark poverty. However, a South Korean delegation recently got a look at an extravagant ski […]

What You Can Achieve By Using Ceriotti Hair Steamers?

Ceriotti Hair Steamer: You may have seen multiple types of hair steamers in various salons or spa centers, but the Ceriotti hair steamer is the best one among all. Oils, conditioners or hair masks seem like logical fixes for dry hair, but we’re going to let you in on a secret that provides a much simpler […]

Salon owner helps kids with cancer

Sometimes the beauty in a salon is visible when you walk in — for example, if a salon uses Cerriotti Salon Furniture, the beautiful salon furniture made in Italy and sold by the Regal Hair Salon supply company. But sometimes the most beauty is hidden inside the people who run the salon. Ljupka Arsovska, who […]

Infrashine Flat Iron Make Your Hair Glamorous | Regal Hair Color

Infrashine Flat Iron Provides The Quality Results: It is the era of styling and glamour, as you can see people around us all have different types of hairstyles which represent their personality.  Women seem to be more glamorous and fashionable because they love to keep there self up to date regarding fashion. We all know […]

High-tech device analyzes hair

The right modern salon furniture from Regal Hair can make your salon look almost futuristic. But one exhibitor at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) showed a high-tech device that salons could use in the future to analyze your hair and recommend or formulate the right products for you. Henkel, a German consumer goods company, […]

Elvis has left the building at Regal Hair salon supply store

If you are looking to furnish your hair salon with the best furniture and equipment, you need a salon supply store like Regal USA, which features the best salon furniture from Italian supplier Ceriotti. But there is one salon that decided to go in another direction when it came to salon décor, according to the […]

Balayage trend will continue in 2018

What’s new in salons for 2018? It’s difficult to know for sure, but there are some hair coloring techniques that were popular in 2017 and that are expected to remain strong trends this year as well. One trend that’s expected to continue to be hot is balayage hair coloring. Balayage is a word that comes […]

Superfoods keep your skin looking younger

Want to start the new year looking younger? Your skin reflects your overall health. What you put in your body has as much effect on your skin as what kind of cleansing routine you use or what kind of moisturizer you put on your skin. You might want to start by adding these six foods […]

Quick tips help you achieve a festive holiday party look

Are you time-crunched, dashing out the door to a holiday party, but want till want to look like you put some effort into your party look? Consider the following quick beauty tips from Momtastic: Contour your face, using concealer to cover spots, then apply bronzer in the shape of a 3 on the right side […]