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But there is one salon that decided to go in another direction when it came to salon décor, according to the Register-Mail, a newspaper in Galesburg, Illinois.

Jackie’s Hair care is a shrine to Elvis Presley, and the salon is decorated with everything related to the King of Rock and Roll.

Jackie Wagher is the owner of Jackie’s Hair Care and calls herself one of Elvis’ biggest fans. In the salon, which is located in th basement of her home, you will find among the Elvis items Elvis dinnerware and a lamp that showcases Elvis in Jailhouse Rock singing and swinging his hips.

The 58-year-old hair stylist collects Elvis memorabilia, and decided to share her love of the King with the clients who visit her home salon. Karen Fields, one of Wagher’s regular clients, calls the decorations “tastefully done.”

Wagher said she developed her love of Elvis when her mother, June Graham, played Elvis records and the two of them danced to the music in their kitchen when she was growing up.

She started collecting Elvis memorabilia when she was 15. She enjoyed the movies that Elvis made at the height of his fame, and a poster for her favorite, “Spinout,” hangs above the stairs to her salon. She also has a painting of Elvis on velvet.

Elvis Presley passed away due to heart failure August 16, 1977, at Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee. He was 42 years old.

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