The right modern salon furniture from Regal Hair can make your salon look almost futuristic. But one exhibitor at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) showed a high-tech device that salons could use in the future to analyze your hair and recommend or formulate the right products for you.

Henkel, a German consumer goods company, will use augmented reality to, among other things, take the guesswork out of hair coloring for stylists. For example, a CNN reporter was able to “see” in virtual reality what her blonde hair would look like if it was colored in realistic tones of brown and red.

The SalonLab Analyzer analyzes the inner condition of hair, its moisture level and “true color” using a high-tech handheld device outfitted with infrared and light sensors. The readings from the device are analyzed by a proprietary algorithm that uses a digitized hair model to produce one of 128 different shampoo combinations for the client based specifically on his or her hair analysis.

The system produced the custom shampoo in seconds, and a barcode enables customers to order more online.

Henkel plans to offer the systems to select U.S. and European salons with in the U.S. and Europe later this year.

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