It’s Halloween week, and there are lots of parties going on. Maybe you’ve decided to visit the salon with the best salon equipment in your area to get a special hair color for the holiday, or maybe you have decided on a do-it-yourself special Halloween hair look.

If your look includes adding extras to your hair, like glitter or dye, consider this: Before embellish your hair, you may want to give some thought to how you’ll get those extras out after the party’s over.

Allure magazine asked beauty professionals for their advice on Halloween hair.

If your costume putting involves glitter or fairy dust or anything sparkly in your hair, the pros recommend that you only use products that are meant to be used in hair. Using glitter lotion or lip

 gloss as an alternative will give you sticky hair that wants to hold on to that glitter for dear life, even when the party’s over.

Use a tint brush to apply the (correct) hair glitter product to your hair, and make sure you do the application somewhere where glitter is easy to clean up, like the bathtub or kitchen. Also recommended is deeply conditioning your hair before you put in glitter to make the sparkly stuff easier to remove.

If you want to use a temporary hair dye spray to change your hair color, professionals advise using a color close to your natural color to avoid permanent staining.

Another option if you plan to really get crazy with your hair décor is to book an appointment the next day with your salon to have it professionally cleaned. The pros recommend giving your salon a heads-up about what’s up with your head so they know you’re not just seeking a regular shampoo.

The best salons rely on the best equipment to help patrons get the look they’re seeking, whether it’s a special occasion or regular maintenance. For more information about the best salon equipment, visit Regal Hair’s website.