How to clean your Halloween hair

It’s Halloween week, and there are lots of parties going on. Maybe you’ve decided to visit the salon with the best salon equipment in your area to get a special hair color for the holiday, or maybe you have decided on a do-it-yourself special Halloween hair look.

If your look includes adding extras to your hair, like glitter or dye, consider this: Before embellish your hair, you may want to give some thought to how you’ll get those extras out after the party’s over.

Allure magazine asked beauty professionals for their advice on Halloween hair.

If your costume putting involves glitter or fairy dust or anything sparkly in your hair, the pros recommend that you only use products that are meant to be used in hair. Using glitter lotion or lip

 gloss as an alternative will give you sticky hair that wants to hold on to that glitter for dear life, even when the party’s over.

Use a tint brush to apply the (correct) hair glitter product to your hair, and make sure you do the application somewhere where glitter is easy to clean up, like the bathtub or kitchen. Also recommended is deeply conditioning your hair before you put in glitter to make the sparkly stuff easier to remove.

If you want to use a temporary hair dye spray to change your hair color, professionals advise using a color close to your natural color to avoid permanent staining.

Another option if you plan to really get crazy with your hair décor is to book an appointment the next day with your salon to have it professionally cleaned. The pros recommend giving your salon a heads-up about what’s up with your head so they know you’re not just seeking a regular shampoo.

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Halloween hair enhances your costume

Dressing up for Halloween is always fun, and whether your costume involves wearing a wig or donning a special hairstyle, matching your hair to your outfit can be key to taking the illusion to the next level.

For example, how would a Star Wars Princess Leia costume look without the rebel leader’s trademark twin cinnamon roll buns? Could you be Harley Quinn without her pony tails? Donald Trump without a combover? Cruella DeVil without hair that’s half black and half white?

Costume SuperCenter took a look at popular costumes over the past 10 years, from 2007 to 2017, and found some that were perennial favorites. They included some that were classic scary Halloween costum

es, including a witch and zombie. Superheroes made the strongest showing, with Superman, Batman, Spiderman and Iron Man all making the top seven. The Disney princess category completed the list.

Superheroes are also expected to be popu

lar in 2017, especially Wonder Woman. Pennywise the clown is the choice for horror fans, as well as Eleven from Stranger Things. John Snow from Game of Thrones and Uma from Descendants 2 round out the top five.

Donald Trump led the election year 2016, along with Harley Quinn, 5 Nights at Freddy’s and Ghostbusters. Barack Obama and John McCain costumes were among the top sellers in election year 2008, joined by Hannah Montana, Batman and the Joker.

In the first year that Costumer SuperCenter reported, ogres were all the rage — Shrek and Princess Fiona, that is. They were joined that year by Captain Jack Sparrow, a Spartan warrior, and the Burger King.

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Beauty company awards fellowships to female scientists

Cosmetics company L’Oréal USA has announced the five recipients of the Women in Science Fellowship, which awards grants to female scientists doing groundbreaking research across a broad range of scientific fields.

The $60,000 grants are given outstanding female scientists to advance their postdoctoral research. The women were evaluated based on their intellectual merit, research potential, scientific excellence and commitment to supporting women and girls in science.

L’Oréal USA’s For Women in Science fellowship program has awarded 65 postdoctoral women scientists more than $3 million in grants over the past 13 years, and has awarded fellowships to more than 2,500 female scientists from more than 100 countries since 1998.

The award winners include:

  • Syndney Schreppler, a postdoctoral fellow in physics at the University of California in Berkeley who is studying how superconducting qubits can improve precise measurements and instruments that rely on them
  • Kellie Ann Jurado, a postdoctoral scientist in immunobiology at Yale University studying the Zika virus
  • Felicity Muth, a postdoctoral fellow in biology at University of Nevada, Reno studying animal cognition and behavior
  • Ritu Raman, a postdoctoral fellow in mechanical and biomedical engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology studying smart materials and their application in delivering oral medications
  • Molly Schumer, a postdoctoral fellow in genetics and evolutionary biology at Harvard Medical School studying genetic evolutionary forces

Seventy percent of the scientists working for L’Oreal are women, according to the company’s website. Frédéric Rozé, President and CEO of L’Oréal USA, said, “L’Oréal has a legacy of innovation that would not have been possible without the women who make up the majority of our scientific workforce. Today, more than ever, we are proud to support our country’s most accomplished women scientists at a key moment in their careers, and to empower them to continue their groundbreaking work.”

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Salon operator sells locations to private equity group

A leader in the haircare industry has announced it will sell part of its business to a private equity firm.

Minneapolis-based Regis Corporation, which owns, operates and franchises hair salons, said in a news release that it has sold nearly all of its mall-based salons in North America to The Beautiful Group, an affiliate of Regent, a Los Angeles-based private equity firm focused on transforming businesses.

Regis also has agreed to sell most of its international holdings to Regent, who will operate them as the company’s largest franchisee.

The sale includes more than 850 MasterCuts and Regis Salons in North America, along with some intellectual property and trade names, and 250 Regis Salons and Supercuts locations in the United Kingdom.

The approximately 9,800 stylists and managers employed at the salons will become employees of Regent.

“I am delighted that after a thoughtful diagnostic process we have reached a strategic conclusion that we believe will best serve our shareholders, employees and guests,” said Hugh Sawyer, president and chief executive officer of Regis Corporation.

Sawyer said Regal has a vision to develop the business into a luxury brand providing an elevated experience for customers, and that he looks forward to “a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship with the Regent team.”

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Regis Corporation brands include Supercuts, SmartStyle, MasterCuts, Regis Salons, Sassoon Salon, Cost Cutters, Roosters and First Choice Haircutters. Regis also maintains an ownership interest in Empire Education Group, a cosmetology education group based in Pennsylvania that trains students for careers in the beauty industry.

The international portion of the transaction is expected to close in October 2017.

Furnishing a salon for high-end customers starts at Regal Hair Color, a dealer in high-end professional hair care equipment and supplies, including top-of-the-line salon furniture from Italian manufacturer Ceriotti. Contact Regal USA for more information about how to furnish your salon in style.

New fall trends for clothing and hair


If you’re interested in updating your look for fall, you of course will want to take a look in your closet and see what you own that’s still on trend and what areas of your wardrobe need refreshing.

According to Glamour magazine, new fashions that are trending for the upcoming season in the shoe department are platform shoes with chunky bottoms and embellishments. Also on your shoe rack should be sneakers in classic styles to pair with athleisure tops and bottoms.

Vintage style high-waist jeans are back, as are T-shirts with slogans and wide-leg pants. Layering with strong-shouldered jackets and lacy tops is in. Look for shiny fabrics for daytime wear, blouses with interesting sleeves and bold striped knits to update your work look.

Once you’ve refreshed your wardrobe, take a look at the mirror and think about how your hair color reflects your personal style. If you’re ready for a change, whether it be subtle or bold, here are some of the color choices that are Hair color trends for fall include caramel and platinum.

Contrasting roots — something that in the past women who colored their hair hoped to avoid — are now created on purpose in professional salons. Women are having their hair dyed jet black, or in a gradient ombre shades. And gray hair on young women continues to be a trend.

If you’re considering a hair-color change, don’t go it alone. The color that frames your face is not something you want to look amateurish. Seek out a hair care professional who has access to the latest hair care tools and modern salon furniture, a salon where you can sit back in comfort while you undergo your transformation.

And if you’re a salon owner looking to upgrade your customers’ experience, Regal USA is an excellent source for Cerrotti Salon Furniture and other salon supplies.

Remember, your hair color can be an important part of a wardrobe update, so don’t neglect it when you’re embracing new trends for fall.