Men want grooming treatments in shops with modern salon furniture

Think salon treatments are just for women? Studies show that’s no longer true.

A study by the market intelligence agency Mintel showed that almost half (47 percent) of young men in the United Kingdom had had a spa, in-store or beauty salon treatment in the past 12 months, up from 33 percent in 2015.

Modern Salon Media recently conducted a comprehensive study on men’s grooming, which found that a trip to a salon for a haircut includes a wash and blowdry for 83 percent of men.

Twenty two percent of professionals said a men’s cut at their salon includes shaving the neck with a straight razor.

And they report that their salons/barbershops charge an average $28.30 for a men’s cut. Forty-four percent of men get their hair cut at a barbershop, followed by 32 percent at a salon.

And what kind of things are they having done? Readers Digest lists several grooming treatments all men should be getting, including:

  • Eyebrow waxing and tweezing — Men should ask their hair stylist to trim their eyebrows when they go for a haircut, and should consider eyebrow waxing if they have a unibrow.
  • Professional lowlights — Lowlights are recommended if your hair color is beginning to fade. You can get lowlights to blend in gray.
  • Spa facials — Professional facials once a month purify your pores and remove blackheads, flaking, and ingrown hairs.
  • Mani/pedis — Pedicures eliminate dry, dead skin from the soles of feet, and manicures prevent hangnails.
  • Body hair grooming — Men with a hairy back, chest, arms, or torso may want to consider professional waxing.
  • Collagen treatments — Collagen hair treatments treat thinning hair.
  • Facial hair grooming — Facial hair grooming can be done in a salon or at home. Don’t forget to get a nose and ear-hair trimmer.

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New fall trends for clothing and hair


If you’re interested in updating your look for fall, you of course will want to take a look in your closet and see what you own that’s still on trend and what areas of your wardrobe need refreshing.

According to Glamour magazine, new fashions that are trending for the upcoming season in the shoe department are platform shoes with chunky bottoms and embellishments. Also on your shoe rack should be sneakers in classic styles to pair with athleisure tops and bottoms.

Vintage style high-waist jeans are back, as are T-shirts with slogans and wide-leg pants. Layering with strong-shouldered jackets and lacy tops is in. Look for shiny fabrics for daytime wear, blouses with interesting sleeves and bold striped knits to update your work look.

Once you’ve refreshed your wardrobe, take a look at the mirror and think about how your hair color reflects your personal style. If you’re ready for a change, whether it be subtle or bold, here are some of the color choices that are Hair color trends for fall include caramel and platinum.

Contrasting roots — something that in the past women who colored their hair hoped to avoid — are now created on purpose in professional salons. Women are having their hair dyed jet black, or in a gradient ombre shades. And gray hair on young women continues to be a trend.

If you’re considering a hair-color change, don’t go it alone. The color that frames your face is not something you want to look amateurish. Seek out a hair care professional who has access to the latest hair care tools and modern salon furniture, a salon where you can sit back in comfort while you undergo your transformation.

And if you’re a salon owner looking to upgrade your customers’ experience, Regal USA is an excellent source for Cerrotti Salon Furniture and other salon supplies.

Remember, your hair color can be an important part of a wardrobe update, so don’t neglect it when you’re embracing new trends for fall.

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