Ceriotti Gong Ionic Two Speed Bonnet Dryer

Have the most stylish salon around with this high quality, modern salon and stylist hood hair dryer  straight from Italy. The GONG from the Ceriotti laboratories is an innovative drying system. Super-fast drying  makes the GONG highly functional and beautiful and would make a great addition to any salon.


The GONG from the Ceriotti laboratories is an innovative drying system. The innovative and sophisticated  design, blending user-friendly features and style into a single device. This is possibly the first one to provide a variable-sliding visor, with the possibility of regulating friction by means of a coin. Increased airflow with a broader and more comfortable hood, guaranteeing more immediate results. Articulated joint for greater inclination, which during work offers greater comfort and practicality. Gong 1 - Automatic with timer, thermostat, operation light and temperature control light. Gong 2 - 2 speeds with timer, thermostat, temperature control light and a 2-blowing-speed adjustable motor for best technical hairdressing and drying work. Gong 4 - 4 turbo speeds with timer, adjustment thermostat and control light. 4- speed motor starting from 600 revolutions per minute: 1st speed setting: technical hair-setting and free drying work also without net – 2nd speed setting: technical hair-setting and normal drying work – 3rd Speed setting: fast drying – 4th Speed setting: super-fast drying. Super-fast drying allowed by the large airflow uniformly delivered. Upon request, hood with guided shower-jet airflow, designed not to disarrange hair setting

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