Ceriotti Egg Ionic Two Speed Bonnet Dryer

Have the most stylish salon around with this high quality, modern salon and stylist hood dryer straight from Italy. The EGG IONIC is a professional ionic hairdryer, which allows to halve hair drying times. Carrying out a natural “healthy” function giving hair brightness and softness the Egg Ionic is highly functional and beautiful and would make a great addition to any salon.

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EGG IONIC is a professional ionic hairdryer, which allows halve hair drying times. Thanks to the compact design, it manages to keep all the comforts of a traditional hairdryer, with performances at the top of the category, besides carrying out a natural “healthy” function giving hair brightness and softness. Ionic – automatic Egg: With temporizer, thermostat, functioning and temperature control led. Ionic – 2 Speeds Egg: With temporizer, thermostat, temperature control led adjustable 2 speeds ventilation engine to execute at the best technical hairstyling and drying works. Egg 4 Ionic - 4 Speeds turbo with temporizer, regulation thermostat and control led. 4 speeds engine starting from 600 rounds per minute:1st Speed: Technical work of hairstyling and free drying even without hair-net. – 2nd Speed: Technical work of haistyling and common drying – 3rd Speed: Quick drying – 4th Speed: Ultrafast drying, allowed by the big airflow distributed in an uniform way. Upon request, hood with guided shower-jet airflow, in order not waste hair’s arrangement

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