BES HI/FI is a Creamy Permanent Color that guaranties the perfect coverage of un-pigmented hair thanks to a Violet/Blue base and a power of lift up to a 5 levels. The herbal Liposomes contained in the cream are carriers of micro-pigments that gently oxidize the natural Melanin deep inside the hair cortex in order to preserve an intense color reflection. They combine with the Wheat protein, which provides treatment, the Glycoldistearate the shine and 5 different acidic developers in order to procure the best insurance for a lasting result of the coloration. This innovative Permanent Color Cream /Gel is one of the first around the world that has Zero Ammonia (replaced by MEA) and Zero PPD ( colorant) which are responsible for most common allergies. REGAL ZERO combines 5 Red Fruits Extracts that protect and treat the scalp while liberating a pleasant perfume and 5 Naturals Elements (Bee wax, Soy, Flax seeds, Cashmere and Silk) to highly hydrate, detangle and procure shine to the Hair Keratine. All of these qualities to ensure a perfect lasting coloring result and the most respect to the natural hair and scalp conditions
COLORSemi_Regal_soft COLORPerma_Intensive
Contains the AC COLORPLEX and LIPOSOMES. The first one prevents the UV radiation that caused the colour hair loss, the second one very similar to the hair structure transport the active ingredients. COCONUT OIL: Important derivates of coconut oil, present in the creamy base, assures lightness and tangle free results. VEGETABLE LIPOSOME: The content of liposome include a series of active principles derived from important officinal plants, which allow the hair to regain its original aesthetic beauty. BEESWAX: The beeswax contained in the cosmetic cream rebalances the hydrolipidic value of the hair system, an important factor so as to ensure elasticity, softness and beauty to the hair.
COLORPerma_professional COLORPerma_kontrast
The glycolic vegetable extracts contained in the Bes Professional colouring (Achillea, Burdock, Birch tree, Nettle, Rosemary, Sage, Tormentil) give excellent colouring results. Easy to apply, it improves the product yield. The treating properties of vegetable extracts help to preserve the hair during the colouring process. The content of six vegetal liposomes gives the hair a perfect cosmetic character. The liposomes can easily interact with the hair structure, with which they present a high affinity in terms of composition and cell aggregation. The beeswax contained in the cosmetic cream rebalances on the hair stem the hydropolidic value, a fundamental factor to disentangle the hair and to censure softness and beauty.
During the colouring process, a special hydro soluble keratin blends with the colouring molecules carrying it in the cuticle with a precise depositing and restoring function.