What You Can Achieve By Using Ceriotti Hair Steamers?

Ceriotti Hair Steamer:

You may have seen multiple types of hair steamers in various salons or spa centers, but the Ceriotti hair steamer is the best one among all. Oils, conditioners or hair masks seem like logical fixes for dry hair, but we’re going to let you in on a secret that provides a much simpler solution: hair steamers.

A hair steamer is an effective tool that adds moisture, restores color vibrancy and strengthens the elasticity of hair. According to a hairstylist and Stunning Braids author Monae Everett, the steamer uses heat and water to lift the cuticle on the hair shaft and allow conditioners and treatments to penetrate each strand.

Here is what Ceriotti hair steamer can do for you

what hair steamer can do for you

The benefit of hair steamers is that the moist heat encourages blood flow to the scalp, says celebrity and runway hairstylist Devin Toth of Salon SCK. “Aided circulation of the scalp equals healthier, longer growing hair,” he explains.

Black women with natural hair have used steamers for years because it helps to hydrate and define their coils. Celebrity stylist Johnny Wright (aka Michelle Obama’s hairdresser) also recommends steaming for women who are transitioning from chemically-relaxed to natural hair because it softens the demarcation where the straight portion ends and the curls begin, and for individuals who live in humid climates. “Styles will last long, so your hair will be less likely to revert back,” says Wright.

There are traditionally two types of hair steamers — hooded and handheld. Everett prefers the former because she says all of your hair can receive the steam treatment at the same time, and it’s awesome for reviving wash-and-go styles that are dry and stiff. The handheld version allows you to refresh smaller hair sections and then tuck the tool away when not in use. Word of caution: you should absolutely not use a regular clothing steamer on your hair.

Whether you have blonde, fine hair or brunette, coarse locks, all three professionals believe that all hair textures benefit from hair steaming. Wright advises doing a steam treatment every two weeks to build up moisture retention. If alternating between pre-shampoo oil and deep conditioning treatments, Everett suggests weekly or bi-weekly steaming. Just be sure not to overdo it, as Toth says over-steaming can actually over-moisturize the hair making it limp and weak. So, he suggests using a hair steamer for no more than 20 to 30 minutes.

To get the most out of hair steaming at home, Wright recommends prepping hair with ultra-conditioning products like Amla Legend Rejuvenating Oil and Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Moisture L.O.C. Deep Conditioning Delight. Or you can add a few drops of your favorite hair oil to any deep conditioner for added hydration.

Place a cotton strip along your hairline and wrap a towel around your neck and shoulders so water does not drip onto your face or steam burns your skin. “Pinning the hair up with a hard plastic clamp will not only ensure moisture penetrates deeply into the ends, it will help you to avoid accidental burns,” says Everett. Toth says to be sure there are at least six inches between your hair and the steamer (whether hooded or handheld) to prevent putting direct heat onto your scalp.

Ceriotti Hair Steamer Benefits:

  • Ceriotti steamer will promote your hair growth in a tremendous way.
  • Ceriotti steamer stops the hair breakage.
  • By the help of steaming, you will add up moisture to your hair which is so much good for its strength.
  • Wards off dryness, brittleness, and breakage.
  • Not only this, Ceriotti steamer cleanses the scalp and removes dirt & dead skin as well.
  • Ceriotti steamer better circulation.
  • Ceriotti steamer leaves your hair smooth and soft.
  • Ceriotti steamer makes your hair stronger and healthier.

What Happens With Ceriotti Hair Steaming?

What happens with hair steaming

When your hair is relaxed and or color treated, steaming is one of the best things you can do to pamper your hair. Hair steaming is beneficial as the heat aids in hydrating dry hair leaving your parched tresses happy. The moist heat also encourages blood flow to circulate, promoting hair growth too! The steam lifts the hair cuticle allowing your treatments to penetrate deeply into the hair shaft helping to heal damaged hair.

Steaming has allowed my hair to retain moisture, increase softness and stimulate growth. It’s a must for my thirsty 4b hair! Along the way, I’ve discovered a few essential do’s and don’ts to be mindful of while steaming.

What should you do and remember during hair steaming?

  • Steam once a week. A weekly dose of steaming adds extra hydration to the hair. Over time, steaming aids in improving elasticity and moisture retention.
  • Grab a washcloth. Steaming generates a lot of heat and the moisture may run down your face or drip onto your shoulder. Use a washcloth to wipe your face or wear a headband to absorb the moisture, preventing it from dripping down.
  • Steam for 20-30mins per session. The duration of your steam session is everything! Be sure to stay put under that steamer for maximum hydration. Give your cuticles time to lift and absorb the conditioner. Grab a magazine or your favorite book to help pass the time.
  • Clip your hair up. It’s important to have all of your hair, ends included, under the steamer. Your ends are the oldest part of your hair so having them under the steamer ensures they will receive all the benefits.
  • Cooldown. I’ve learned that after a streaming session, it’s key to wait until your hair is cool to the touch and then rinse the conditioner out. Cool hair signifies that the cuticles are officially closed sealing all the benefits of the conditioner inside the hair shaft.

Ceriotti Hair Steamer Rules And Regulations?

Things not to do while hair steaming

  1. Cover your head. Covering your hair with a plastic cap is one of the worse things you can do. You want your hair to be exposed directly to the moist heat. Allow your hair to feel the steam so that the conditioner can penetrate and work effectively. The direct steam melts the deep conditioner into your hair immediately.
  2. Leave your hair down. Wearing your hair down, with conditioner, while under the steamer is not effective. Your ends, the oldest part of your hair, will be neglected and won’t receive the benefits of the deep conditioner under the direct moist heat.
  3. Go under the steamer right away. I usually like to wait at least 5-7 minutes before sitting under my steamer. During this time I’ll finish applying conditioner to my hair, clip it all up and then go under the steamer. Five to seven minutes is enough time for the water to bubble up and the vapors to get hot.
  4. Neglect your nape! Some steamers have a small hood making it hard to cover every inch of your head effectively. Try to position yourself, or your head, to get the steam on the nape area. This area tends to be a trouble spot for most, therefore it’s important not to forget it.
  5. Overdo it! Steaming is addictive; however, it should be done, at the very most, once a week. Increasing the frequency, on a weekly basis, can cause over-moisturizing. Over moist hair can lead to weak limp hair and possibly breakage.

The Ceriotti hair steamer is quite easy to use and is very safe as well, still one must follow the above-mentioned instructions.

Ceriotti Hair Steamer Benefits Of Steaming Your Natural Hair:


Have you had time to look into why you should be adding a hair steamer for your natural hair into your beauty routine? To all of the natural hair sisters in the world, utilizing a hair steamer for your natural hair is an absolute must if you are trying to grow out your tresses or even to keep them healthy and hydrated. Just like anything that adds moisture to the hair, there are lots of benefits to using a hair steamer if your tresses are natural. The most well-known benefit is moisture retention.

  • Fact: hair needs to stay moisturized to prevent breakage and to be elastic. Therefore, when you use a hair steamer, you’re helping to retain the moisture of your hair by using steam as well as the products that have been placed onto your curly kinky locks.
  • Think about it: when your hair is dry, you have a hard time keeping your twist out looking fresh. If your hair is properly moisturized, you will not have that problem, and a hair steamer can help you to achieve that goal.
  • Another major benefit of steaming your hair on a regular basis is to add strength to your hair. When you use a steamer for your hair, the tresses become more elastic and healthier to the touch and to the eye.
  • This is especially important for women who are transiting from relaxed to natural. Due to the different textured hair, the exact line of where the two textures meet is the weakest park of the hair strand.
  • By incorporating steaming into your regimen, it will give the hair more elasticity especially in the area where the two textures meet. This also means the hair will be a lot easier to manage.
  • If you are struggling with dry and damaged hair steaming will help to open the cuticle of the hair. How is this important you may ask?
  • Well, when you deep condition your hair, you want to make sure that you’re able to penetrate the hair’s shaft. To do that, you will need subtle amounts of heat added to your hair, which is why people tend to sit under a hooded dryer when they are deep conditioning.
  • Luckily, there are other ways to lift the hair cuticle instead of sitting under a hair dryer: the hair steamer. The heat created from the steam will gently open up the hair cuticle and allow for the deep conditioner, moisturizer, or any other products for that matter to really get deep into your hair strands so, in turn, you can reap all the benefits of the product you just placed on your hair.
  • The final benefit of using a hair steamer is that it helps to keep the scalp refreshed which can promote hair growth. By incorporating steam into your natural hair regimen, your products will not sit on top of your hair but actually, penetrate the hair shaft and your hair, in turn, will be more moisturized and have less breakage and help add length to your tresses over time. Also, steaming relaxed hair is just like steaming natural hair, there are no special instructions for using a steamer if your hair is not natural.

How Can You Use Your Ceriotti Hair Steamer?


Using a hair steamer is much easier than you might think. There are a few different ways that you can steam your hair including the tabletop hair steamer, the handheld hand steamer, and the hair steamer cap, and a professional adjustable hair steamer. The tabletop steamer resembles that of a hard bonnet that you would see at the beauty salon. In fact, you would use it in the same fashion.

The most well-known are the Huetiful Hair Steamer. This tabletop steamer takes up less space, so if you are tight on space, this may be the way to go. The Ceriotti hair steamers comes with a user manual which allows the ease of use. You fill up the water reservoir with distilled water and steam your hair in sections. The mini combs or finger-like prongs help to lift the hair when steaming.

It’s convenient and stores nicely. Now if you would like to go all out you could invest in a professional hair steamer just like the ones they use in the natural hair salons.

This will set you back a few hundred dollars, but you would get betting the top of the professional line treatment. The drawback is that this item is very large, so unless you have your own beauty room it may be tricky to find a location to store this steamer when it’s not in use.

A hair steamer cap is also an option for those who like the all over the convenience of the tabletop steamer, but the movability of a handheld steamer. Unfortunately, the electric caps do not get as much steam on to the hair as the other methods; however, it is by far the least expensive of the ones mentioned and will also get the job done.

You use this cap the same way you would use a soft bonnet hair dryer. If you do not have the money to go out and buy a steamer, there is another option that you can use to reap the benefits of steaming your natural hair. The process involves the use of a warm, damp towel and a microwave. It will be discussed further in the next section.

Ceriotti Hair Steamer Hair Steamer Process:

The hair steaming process is only slightly different depending on what kind of hair steamer for natural hair that you are using. However, there are a few things that are always the same regardless of what kind of tool you are using.

  • First, you want to completely cleanse your hair you can either use a clarifying shampoo or clay, and apple cider cleanse. Just about everything that is recommended will work best on freshly washed hair.
  • Next, after drying your hair with a 100% cotton t-shirt or a microfiber towel, you need to apply a generous amount of conditioner and a tablespoon about of oil depending on your hairs length. Steaming hair with castor oil, in particular, is a great option because the oil is fairly thick and is packed with vitamins and minerals that nourish the hair.
  • Also, the steaming process is great after you have applied your deep conditioner treatment. During the steaming process, it has a better chance of actually penetrating your shaft when the cuticle is opened as opposed to just sitting on top of your hair.
  • The benefits of steaming your hair while giving yourself a hot oil treatment or a deep conditioner treatment include deeper penetration, softer manageable tresses, and healthier stronger hair. After that, things will go slightly different depending on which type of steamer that you have.
  • If you have a handheld steamer, at this point you should go ahead and fill it up with distilled water, turn it on, and wait for the device to be ready for use. Please be aware that the steam can be very hot, so you want to be very careful when aiming the steamer directly onto your scalp.
  • If possible, try to twist your hair into 4-6 chunky sections so that it will be slightly easier to get to the scalp instead of randomly doing different parts of your head. Proceed to steam your hair for approximately 20-30 minutes, taking a short break every 5 minutes per section.
  • If you have a tabletop or a professional steamer, your job will be simpler. All you need to do is sit underneath it just like you would a hair dryer.
  • Some women opt to put on a shower cap while they are underneath their hair steamer to get a greenhouse effect going on their tresses; however, you will be missing out on the actual steam hitting your hair since you are not allowing the hair to come into direct contact with it. A hair steamer is more beneficial for your hair if the steam and heat are allowed to come in contact your strands.

The final process for steaming natural hair involves a towel. I understand that everyone is not able to afford a hair steamer right away, so I’m going to give you a quick tip of steaming your natural hair.

  • After applying conditioner and oil, take a t-shirt and soak it in water. Wring it out, then place in a microwaveable bowl.
  • Microwave for about 1-2 minute or until hot. Place the shirt directly on top of your hair just like you would a towel, then put a plastic processing cap on top of your head.
  • Since the water will be hot, please be careful and do not allow the hot water or t-shirt to touch any part of your skin. You are just allowing your treatments to soak in not burn yourself.
  • Allow both the cap and wet t-shirt to sit on your head for 20-30 minutes. If done correctly, you will achieve the same greenhouse effect as though you were using a steamer.
  • Although the focus is on deep conditioners and oil with your hair steamer; you can also use ingredients that you have on hand in your refrigerator. You can use ingredients such as eggs and mayonnaise for your steam treatments if you are looking to add protein to the mix.
  • When looking at how to steam your hair with an egg, you would do the same thing as if you were giving yourself a protein treatment.
  • Just be careful not to over-steam and damaged your tresses. Now that you’ve learned everything you need to know about using a hair steamer for your natural hair, you should be well on your way in having the healthy tresses of your dreams. Comment below and me know if you have tried steaming and how your hair responded.

Reason behind doing all this:

Steam is a natural way to lift up the cuticle layer of the hair that is cover in scale like shingles that lift up and down to let moisture in and out. Steam causes those cuticles to swell and lift letting in the molecules of whatever you’ve coated your hair with to easily enter into the hair shaft. That’s why it’s important to follow with a sealant because the inner layer of the hair also makes the cuticle layer lift to release the moisture back out again. If you have issues with getting moisture in your hair steaming is a great way to give your hair a better chance at changing that very fast. This could also lead to changing your hair’s porosity and ultimately the moisture retention you experience.





Infrashine Flat Iron Make Your Hair Glamorous | Regal Hair Color

Infrashine Flat Iron Provides The Quality Results:

It is the era of styling and glamour, as you can see people around us all have different types of hairstyles which represent their personality.  Women seem to be more glamorous and fashionable because they love to keep there self up to date regarding fashion. We all know that women love their hair and are always on the lookout for the next best hair style. Women tend to use different tools such as hair straightener brushes, hair curlers and flat irons. The basic needs behind the use of such tools especially the flat irons is to have the glamorous hair. The tools which one may use should be of high-quality and dependable because it represents your personality. There are a number of hair straightening flat irons available in the market but the Infrashine flat iron is the best among them which provides the quality and desired results.

Styles you can achieve by using infrashine flat iron:

Infrashine Flat Irons are the most famous hair straightening tools of this era. As these flat irons can make your hair super sleek, but there’s so much more to them than that. You can get waves, curls, and even a wrinkle-free shirt collar all by using your favorite flat iron. But for that purpose, you should have the perfect tool like the Infrashine flat iron which can provide you with multi-purpose specifications. Here are just a few of the way’s in which the infraashine flat iron works.

  • Natural curls
  • Short hair styling
  • Beachy waves
  • Scandi waves
  • Straightened hair

Most people like to use Infrashine flat iron for styling of short hair as it is perfect for this.

There are different type of hair lengths which can be set in different shapes and lengths of your choice. There are a lot of products available that help make your hair styling easier and time-saving. There are multiple tools like flat irons which are normally used in the styling of hair, but the best flat iron out there is the Infrashine flat iron.

Women with short hair are always confused with how they can tie up their hair for different hairstyles. The one thing  in which most of the women forget is to use the best straightener for short hair, as this matters a lot. Here are some of the hairstyles for short hair, which can help every girl with short hair to look so much stylish and attractive by applying these hairstyles to their short hair.

Infrashine Flat Iron Use Before Hair clips on short hair:

It is often that short hair cannot handle bobby pins and hair clips as it easily slips out from their hair. Long hair can handle hair clips easily and for long periods of time . One of the best tips for this problem is that you should just give your hair a  little spray of water for hair settlement and then tie your hair from clips or bobby pins. Doing this will prevent the clips from falling out of your hair.

Infrashine Flat Iron Use Before Ponytail With “V” shape bobby pins: 

Tie your hair by making a ponytail with the help of a thin band. Now take the front part of your hair from the ponytail and roll them a bit and set them on one side of your head. Adjust the bobby pins on that rolled portion of hair in such a way that it makes a “V” shape.

Infrashine Flat Iron Use Before Headband Of Hair:

Brush your hair properly by using a hairbrush. Straight up your hair by using the best straightener for short hair. Now grab two portions of your hair in such a way that one end has more hair as compared to the other side. Now put a pretty hair band on the top of your head by tying up the front portion of all your hair.

Infrashine Flat Iron For Curling Short Hair:

Wash your hair, then blow dry and curl it with hair curlers and use a hairbrush to brush all of them gently and enjoy fizzy short hair.

Infrashine Flat Iron Use Before Hair Puffing Style:

Straight up your hair by using a hair straightener, then take a small front portion of your hair and do backcombing to puff them. Tie that portion with bobby pins.

Infrashine Flat Iron Use Before Make Backside Braid Style:

Brush your hair properly. Start to make a French braid from the back side of your hair. Make the braid until it reaches your front portion, then complete it by tying all the hair in a braid pin up then braid on one side of your head.

Infrashine Flat Iron Use For Rolling Up Short Hair Style:


Blow drying:

Wash your hair and blow dry it without using the hairbrush. It will give your hair a puffy look.

Infrashine Flat Iron Use Before High ponytail:

Take all your hair and tie them in a high ponytail after straightening them. Now apply hairspray on your hair to keep them in the same position for a long time.

Infrashine Flat Iron Use Before Make Half Ponytail:

Take a half portion of your hair from the front and tie it up by making a small ponytail, leaving the remainder of your hair down.

What If You Have Damaged Your Hair?

When people don’t know about the use of proper tools or devices to style their hair, then, as a result, they usually damage their hair. The Infrashine flat iron lets you style your hair in a safe way but there are some remedies as well which one follow if they find any damage to your hair.

  • Use Avocado: Mash a ripe avocado (pit removed) with one egg, then apply this home remedy to wet hair. Avocados are rich in vitamins, essential fatty acids, and minerals that will help restore luster to your hair. Leave on for at least 20 minutes, then rinse several times. Repeat once a week for damaged hair and once a month for healthy hair.
  • Massage in Butter: Try this home remedy: treat dry, brittle hair with a small amount of butter for a glossy shine. Massage it into your dry hair, then cover your hair with a shower cap for about a half hour. Shampoo as usual, and rinse all the butter out.
  • Conditioning with olive oil: Put the moisture back into dry hair by warming up 1/2 cup olive oil (do not boil it), and then rubbing it into your hair. Cover tresses with a plastic bag, then wrap everything in a towel. Let this home remedy do its thing for 45 minutes, then shampoo and completely rinse.
  • Rinse with tea: You may think of tea as a sore throat remedy, but you can also use it to give hair a natural shine. use a quart of warm, unsweetened tea (freshly brewed or instant) as a final rinse after your regular shampoo. Tea can enhance hair color, so make sure to use a tea that works with your hair color. Blondes should use chamomile tea; black tea may darken their tresses. Brunettes should use black tea to enhance shine and enrich color.
  • Use of Apple cider vinegar mask: Put the life back into your limp or damaged hair with this terrific home remedy: combine 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar with 2 tablespoons olive oil and 3 egg whites, then rub the mix into your hair. Keep your hair covered for about a half hour using plastic wrap or a shower cap, then shampoo and rinse.
  • Shampoo omelet: In this case, you will have to mix one egg with a small amount of shampoo and then apply to your damaged hair for approximately five minutes. Then what you have to do is to rinse your hair well. Such treatment will help you to enhance the protein in your hair and if your hair is weak, dry or damaged, as a result, they will start to grow with speed.
  • Botanical Oils: Available at health food stores, olive, jojoba, and sweet almond oils are all wonderful elixirs for damaged hair. If your hair is thick and heavy, coconut oil works well. Dampen your hair and apply small amounts of the botanical oil until your hair is thoroughly covered. Top off with shower cap and warm towel for about 30 minutes, then rinse and shampoo your hair out.
  • Sandalwood oil: Mix a few drops of sandalwood oil with a few drops of olive or jojoba oil, rub the mixture between your palms, then smooth it through the ends of your hair for instant sleekness and a way to curb and condition brittle, flyaway hair. Alternately, squirt a few drops of hand lotion in your palm and smooth it through damaged hair.
  • Condition your hair when swimming:Before the beach or after a swim, protect hair from harsh elements or chemicals with a homemade rinse of 1/4 cup apple cider mixed with 3/4 cup water to help cleanse hair, recommends Susie Galvez, author of Hello Beautiful: 365 Ways to Be Even More Beautiful, then follow with conditioner.
  • Wrap your wet hair dry: Instead of rubbing your hair after you get it wet, wrap up your damaged hair in a cotton towel, and let the cotton absorb the moisture for a few minutes. This helps protect against further split ends.

Infrashine Flat Iron Use For Hair Straightening:

Almost every girl wants to have straightened hair and for that purpose, they tend to use  different sorts of hair tools such as the hair straightening brushes and flat irons as well. Hair Tong, also known as a flat iron or a hair straightener, is a heating tool used to get the desired shape of the hair. If you think that this wonderful creation is a thing of the modern times, you are wrong.

The concept of this must-have hair styling tool was developed in as early as the 1800s. The ladies then too were fashion conscious. In fact, they were much more aware than what you or I might be today. With time, the tool evolved in every way. Today it has the most modern appearance and is extremely user-friendly. But even with all the benefits of this tool, there are some problems faced by everyday users.

If you’re a regular user of a hair straightener like I am, I am sure you experience days when the straightening just never comes right. I put those days under the ‘bad hair day’ category. However, I have lately realized that it could be either the wrong technique or the wrong product that is responsible. Whatever the reason, it is frustrating to get poor results.

  • Get a delighting start with infrashine flat iron: One should never start before your flat iron is fully hot. Always make sure that your hair tong is at the right temperature. The logic here is a flat iron is supposed to do its job well only when it properly heated. Failing to do this, you will end up with hair curls after just a few hours.
  • Clean your infrashine flat iron regularly: Make sure your flat iron is clean and well-maintained. This is to be treated like any other device. Dust always hampers the heat and affects the result adversely. So clean and maintain it well otherwise, you will not be able to get the straightening right. If not cleaned well, dust, grime, and grease will stick to your hair – making hair damage easier. Plus, it will make your hair clump together. You must also wash your hair well. If you will use Infrashine flat iron, then it will provide you the best quality results as it is best for every type of hair.
  • Comb it right: Brush or comb your hair well before you begin ironing. Then again, if your hair is very curly, it is a good idea to comb in between straightening. This helps get the shape right and holds it for longer.
  • Always start backward with infrashine flat iron: Make sure you start with the back of your head always. Then slowly, work to the front. Ideally, the hair in your front should be the last thing to be straightened, and most even professionals vouch for this hair straightening tip.
  • One inch at a time: Each time you divide your hair into different sections to straighten your hair, go for one-inch sections of hair at a time. Take a one-inch section and iron it well. Don’t lose patience. It is okay to go slow, this will let you have perfect and long lasting straight hair. So, these were some of the least spoken off and yet most relevant hair straightening tips for people who love the straightened hair.

Use hydrating shampoo and conditioner for your hair if you use the flat iron every day. We also advise you to opt for a ceramic-plated hair straightener. This will lessen the damage, reduce frizz and give better results. Always use a heat protectant before you start straightening.

What Mistakes Do People Happen To Make Using The Infrashine Flat Iron?

A flatiron is one of the most versatile tools in your beauty arsenal. It can refresh a blowout, straighten curly strands, and even make beachy waves. But it is also a dangerous weapon if used incorrectly. That’s not an exaggeration. You could be doing major damage to your hair if you’re not careful. Most irons get up to 450 degrees, which is a lot of heat for your hair to handle. The Infrashine flat iron enables a lot of features and specifications and is one of the great and amazing flat iron of its category. But there are a lot of people who are not professional and used to do a number of mistakes while using the flat irons.

  1. You totally ignore the words “ceramic,” “tourmaline,” and “titanium” on the box: When you’re shopping for a new flat iron, there are a few things to consider. The most important question to answer is: What are the plates made of? You’ll often see terms like “ceramic” in the description box. Flatiron plates made of ceramic heat more evenly than classic metal. But all ceramic hot tools are not made equal. Some flatirons just have a ceramic coating. Instead look for a product that says “triple-baked,” which means that the plates are ceramic through and through.
  2. You bought a flat iron without a temperature button: A temperature gauge on a flatiron is crucial. The heat setting you use depends on your hair type and the style you want to achieve. Women with highlights or fine hair should stay near the middle of the setting options (think a three on a tool with five settings). You want to stay away from the hottest heat setting, which is typically around 450 degrees. Lopez warns that for some women using high heat can permanently change your hair type. Heat damage can cause wavy hair to fall flat, ruining the texture. Just for some perspective, 450 is the temperature used for semi-permanent keratin straightening treatments. At home you want to stay in the 375-400-degree range (setting four out of five).
  1. You use your flat iron on damp hair: Never. This is a hard-and-fast rule. If you’re looking to straighten your hair, you should rough dry it with a blowdryer 100 percent first. No moisture left behind. “That sizzle sound? That’s the water boiling and your hair frying,” “Would you ever iron a wet shirt? Think of hair as a fabric.”
  1. You think heat protectant is unnecessary: Rookie move. The pros know how important heat protectant is to maintain the health of the hair. “With a heat protectant, you’re safeguarding your hair—reducing breakage, maintaining your natural texture, and reducing splitting,”.
  1. You use too much hairspray before adding heat: If you see smoke when you flat iron your hair, it’s probably because you’ve applied too much product. It’s OK to use a little hairspray, but you don’t want to go overboard. “It can cause some breakage, especially on blonde and fine hair. “You can use a very light hold hairspray for more control on frizzy hair.”
  1. You use a super-hot flatiron on bleached strands: When you have colored hair, the rules are different. Don’t use the same shampoo, you need extra conditioning treatments, and you can’t use a flatiron on high temperatures. “The heat opens up the cuticle, and the color molecules rinse out faster,”.  This is true for bottle redheads and brunettes and it’s even worse with bleached hair and bright, rainbow colors.
  1. You’re trying to get a sleek look grabbing big sections: If you’re just trying to calm frizz, you can take large two-inch sections. However, when it comes to getting a straight style, smaller sections are the better solution. Sure, it will take longer. But you won’t have to go over the hair again and again. “Sections should be as wide as the plate of your iron,”. “So, a one-inch iron means a one-inch section.

This was almost all about the flat iron. There are a lot of remedies and techniques which you can use to style your hair. Whether you have damaged hair or hair fall problem, use of better techniques can help you to get healthy hair. The most important of all points is to use the Infrashine flat iron to get the best and desired results.

High-tech device analyzes hair

The right modern salon furniture from Regal Hair can make your salon look almost futuristic. But one exhibitor at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) showed a high-tech device that salons could use in the future to analyze your hair and recommend or formulate the right products for you.

Henkel, a German consumer goods company, will use augmented reality to, among other things, take the guesswork out of hair coloring for stylists. For example, a CNN reporter was able to “see” in virtual reality what her blonde hair would look like if it was colored in realistic tones of brown and red.

The SalonLab Analyzer analyzes the inner condition of hair, its moisture level and “true color” using a high-tech handheld device outfitted with infrared and light sensors. The readings from the device are analyzed by a proprietary algorithm that uses a digitized hair model to produce one of 128 different shampoo combinations for the client based specifically on his or her hair analysis.

The system produced the custom shampoo in seconds, and a barcode enables customers to order more online.

Henkel plans to offer the systems to select U.S. and European salons with in the U.S. and Europe later this year.

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Balayage trend will continue in 2018

What’s new in salons for 2018? It’s difficult to know for sure, but there are some hair coloring techniques that were popular in 2017 and that are expected to remain strong trends this year as well.

One trend that’s expected to continue to be hot is balayage hair coloring.

Balayage is a word that comes from the French “to sweep.”According to StyleLounge,  in the balayage method of coloring hair, dark pieces are left on the bottom to create dimension and a more natural look. This technique makes it look like there are natural highlights in the hair.

The transition is more natural and it is less maintenance than an ombre, but Color Style Guide says the ombre is also here to stay. Dark brunettes should consider a bronze transition from the mid-lengths of their hair to ends to give their hairstyle pop.

Subtle balayage highlights mean maintaining your original hair base while dying your hair lighter at the tips. It’s a way to lighten your hair without the commitment and maintenance of bleaching to blonde.

Brunettes, for example, may want to consider caramel-colored tips. It is a universally appealing shade that compliments all skin tones. Caramel looks good when paired with dark roots, and also works with blonde shades. Orange balayage also highlights work well on brunettes, as orange creates a nice contrast with dark hair, and blondes might consider wearing a feminine rose shade.

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Men want grooming treatments in shops with modern salon furniture

Think salon treatments are just for women? Studies show that’s no longer true.

A study by the market intelligence agency Mintel showed that almost half (47 percent) of young men in the United Kingdom had had a spa, in-store or beauty salon treatment in the past 12 months, up from 33 percent in 2015.

Modern Salon Media recently conducted a comprehensive study on men’s grooming, which found that a trip to a salon for a haircut includes a wash and blowdry for 83 percent of men.

Twenty two percent of professionals said a men’s cut at their salon includes shaving the neck with a straight razor.

And they report that their salons/barbershops charge an average $28.30 for a men’s cut. Forty-four percent of men get their hair cut at a barbershop, followed by 32 percent at a salon.

And what kind of things are they having done? Readers Digest lists several grooming treatments all men should be getting, including:

  • Eyebrow waxing and tweezing — Men should ask their hair stylist to trim their eyebrows when they go for a haircut, and should consider eyebrow waxing if they have a unibrow.
  • Professional lowlights — Lowlights are recommended if your hair color is beginning to fade. You can get lowlights to blend in gray.
  • Spa facials — Professional facials once a month purify your pores and remove blackheads, flaking, and ingrown hairs.
  • Mani/pedis — Pedicures eliminate dry, dead skin from the soles of feet, and manicures prevent hangnails.
  • Body hair grooming — Men with a hairy back, chest, arms, or torso may want to consider professional waxing.
  • Collagen treatments — Collagen hair treatments treat thinning hair.
  • Facial hair grooming — Facial hair grooming can be done in a salon or at home. Don’t forget to get a nose and ear-hair trimmer.

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Relaxers loosen tightly-coiled hair

If you have very tightly-coiled hair that you want to straighten, you may want to consider getting professional help with relaxing your natural curl.

Many people choose to relax their curly hair for easier maintenance and styling. It is important that it is done correctly by a hair care professional, to prevent damage to your hair and scalp.

According to Livestrong.com, the chemical process can cause scalp irritation and hair breakage or hair loss if it is done incorrectly. Scalp burns can lead to infection or bald patches.

All relaxers contain chemicals and can cause damage, even those that are labeled “organic” or natural.

Relaxers work by breaking down protein bonds within the hair shaft. Lye relaxers contain sodium hydroxide, a caustic chemical. No-lye relaxers are milder, but can still cause damage to the hair and scalp if used incorrectly.

Relaxers come in super, regular and mild strengths; choosing which one to use depends on the tightness of the coils you are trying to relax. If you use a relaxer that is too strong or leave it on your hair too long, it can cause permanent damage, as can using a relaxer soon after you have had another chemical-based hair service, like color, or if you apply relaxer on already-relaxed hair.

Since your relaxed hair will be weaker and dry, it’s important to use regular conditioning treatments to help prevent breakage. Your hair care professional can guide you through the best suggested after-care procedures that will allow you to maintain your relaxed look and healthy hair at the same time.

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How to clean your Halloween hair

It’s Halloween week, and there are lots of parties going on. Maybe you’ve decided to visit the salon with the best salon equipment in your area to get a special hair color for the holiday, or maybe you have decided on a do-it-yourself special Halloween hair look.

If your look includes adding extras to your hair, like glitter or dye, consider this: Before embellish your hair, you may want to give some thought to how you’ll get those extras out after the party’s over.

Allure magazine asked beauty professionals for their advice on Halloween hair.

If your costume putting involves glitter or fairy dust or anything sparkly in your hair, the pros recommend that you only use products that are meant to be used in hair. Using glitter lotion or lip

 gloss as an alternative will give you sticky hair that wants to hold on to that glitter for dear life, even when the party’s over.

Use a tint brush to apply the (correct) hair glitter product to your hair, and make sure you do the application somewhere where glitter is easy to clean up, like the bathtub or kitchen. Also recommended is deeply conditioning your hair before you put in glitter to make the sparkly stuff easier to remove.

If you want to use a temporary hair dye spray to change your hair color, professionals advise using a color close to your natural color to avoid permanent staining.

Another option if you plan to really get crazy with your hair décor is to book an appointment the next day with your salon to have it professionally cleaned. The pros recommend giving your salon a heads-up about what’s up with your head so they know you’re not just seeking a regular shampoo.

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Halloween hair enhances your costume

Dressing up for Halloween is always fun, and whether your costume involves wearing a wig or donning a special hairstyle, matching your hair to your outfit can be key to taking the illusion to the next level.

For example, how would a Star Wars Princess Leia costume look without the rebel leader’s trademark twin cinnamon roll buns? Could you be Harley Quinn without her pony tails? Donald Trump without a combover? Cruella DeVil without hair that’s half black and half white?

Costume SuperCenter took a look at popular costumes over the past 10 years, from 2007 to 2017, and found some that were perennial favorites. They included some that were classic scary Halloween costum

es, including a witch and zombie. Superheroes made the strongest showing, with Superman, Batman, Spiderman and Iron Man all making the top seven. The Disney princess category completed the list.

Superheroes are also expected to be popu

lar in 2017, especially Wonder Woman. Pennywise the clown is the choice for horror fans, as well as Eleven from Stranger Things. John Snow from Game of Thrones and Uma from Descendants 2 round out the top five.

Donald Trump led the election year 2016, along with Harley Quinn, 5 Nights at Freddy’s and Ghostbusters. Barack Obama and John McCain costumes were among the top sellers in election year 2008, joined by Hannah Montana, Batman and the Joker.

In the first year that Costumer SuperCenter reported, ogres were all the rage — Shrek and Princess Fiona, that is. They were joined that year by Captain Jack Sparrow, a Spartan warrior, and the Burger King.

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Salon operator sells locations to private equity group

A leader in the haircare industry has announced it will sell part of its business to a private equity firm.

Minneapolis-based Regis Corporation, which owns, operates and franchises hair salons, said in a news release that it has sold nearly all of its mall-based salons in North America to The Beautiful Group, an affiliate of Regent, a Los Angeles-based private equity firm focused on transforming businesses.

Regis also has agreed to sell most of its international holdings to Regent, who will operate them as the company’s largest franchisee.

The sale includes more than 850 MasterCuts and Regis Salons in North America, along with some intellectual property and trade names, and 250 Regis Salons and Supercuts locations in the United Kingdom.

The approximately 9,800 stylists and managers employed at the salons will become employees of Regent.

“I am delighted that after a thoughtful diagnostic process we have reached a strategic conclusion that we believe will best serve our shareholders, employees and guests,” said Hugh Sawyer, president and chief executive officer of Regis Corporation.

Sawyer said Regal has a vision to develop the business into a luxury brand providing an elevated experience for customers, and that he looks forward to “a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship with the Regent team.”

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Regis Corporation brands include Supercuts, SmartStyle, MasterCuts, Regis Salons, Sassoon Salon, Cost Cutters, Roosters and First Choice Haircutters. Regis also maintains an ownership interest in Empire Education Group, a cosmetology education group based in Pennsylvania that trains students for careers in the beauty industry.

The international portion of the transaction is expected to close in October 2017.

Furnishing a salon for high-end customers starts at Regal Hair Color, a dealer in high-end professional hair care equipment and supplies, including top-of-the-line salon furniture from Italian manufacturer Ceriotti. Contact Regal USA for more information about how to furnish your salon in style.

New fall trends for clothing and hair


If you’re interested in updating your look for fall, you of course will want to take a look in your closet and see what you own that’s still on trend and what areas of your wardrobe need refreshing.

According to Glamour magazine, new fashions that are trending for the upcoming season in the shoe department are platform shoes with chunky bottoms and embellishments. Also on your shoe rack should be sneakers in classic styles to pair with athleisure tops and bottoms.

Vintage style high-waist jeans are back, as are T-shirts with slogans and wide-leg pants. Layering with strong-shouldered jackets and lacy tops is in. Look for shiny fabrics for daytime wear, blouses with interesting sleeves and bold striped knits to update your work look.

Once you’ve refreshed your wardrobe, take a look at the mirror and think about how your hair color reflects your personal style. If you’re ready for a change, whether it be subtle or bold, here are some of the color choices that are Hair color trends for fall include caramel and platinum.

Contrasting roots — something that in the past women who colored their hair hoped to avoid — are now created on purpose in professional salons. Women are having their hair dyed jet black, or in a gradient ombre shades. And gray hair on young women continues to be a trend.

If you’re considering a hair-color change, don’t go it alone. The color that frames your face is not something you want to look amateurish. Seek out a hair care professional who has access to the latest hair care tools and modern salon furniture, a salon where you can sit back in comfort while you undergo your transformation.

And if you’re a salon owner looking to upgrade your customers’ experience, Regal USA is an excellent source for Cerrotti Salon Furniture and other salon supplies.

Remember, your hair color can be an important part of a wardrobe update, so don’t neglect it when you’re embracing new trends for fall.